Happy. What to how.

Jun 18, 2020

This is a simple what to how inspired by today's "Happy Birthday"s.
Happy is a feeling. People wished me happiness as I start another year. But, happy doesn't happen by wishing. Some sights delight - like Diana's creative alternative to Birthday candles.
Taffy pieces on the table instead of candles on a cake.

Seeing may confirm believing, but happiness doesn’t happen by seeing. Happy is felt from a personal commitment to express joy.

Here’s a simple way to happy:

  1. Start with gratitude. Identify at least one person for whom you are thankful. Write down her/ his name and a specific joy you experience from that person.
  2. Focus on that joy so strongly that it frames your awareness of everything around you.
  3. Allow yourself to express your joy through feeling happy with yourself and happiness with others.

Who makes you happy?



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